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Osram provides newest LED chips solutions for LED rear combination lamps

Dense fog and poor visibility keep resulting in serious rear-end collisions. In poor weather, a bright rear fog light is very helpful for good eyesight. Osram provides many technical supports to manufacturers of rear combination lamps, such as enabling compact rear fog lamp designs.
Latest LED chip solution from Osram for LED rear lamp

The industrial trend is clear for both LED headlamps and LED rear combination lamps: the more compact and efficient the components used, the better the LED lights are made. While the necessary installation space decreases, the design solutions manufacturers can choose increases much. The newest LED chip from Osram that is Synios P2720 CR LED proves this trend of miniaturization. In spite of its small dimensions, it offers excellent illumination performance in driving.

One of the main issues with monochromatic LEDs for rear fog applications is the great lighting degradation of about 50 percent in operating temperatures of 60° - 70° C. Until now, rear lamp manufacturers had to solve this problem of physically induced gap by increasing the number of LEDs, which also increased the installation space requirements. Now the latest version of  Synios P2720 CR, can greatly improve this problem to reduce degradation to only around 10 percent. Drivers enjoy better rear illumination performance, while manufacturers can save the costs because fewer individual LED chips are required.

Fewer LEDs means the heat sink for heat dissipation can be very compact, so as to save additional space and weight. LED Rear lamp manufacturers can choose between two different chip sizes (0.5 mm2 or 1 mm2) according to their final productions solutions.

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