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LeddarTech cooperates with Sunny Automotive Optech to facilate the wide application of light radar

Canadian LeddarTech said that it has cooperated with Sunny Automotive Optech, a Chinese optical component maker to provide LiDAR solutions for automotive applications. The Sunny Automotive Optech will provide optical solutions for LiDAR development as a member of the Leddar Ecosystem.
LiDAR system is installed onto a vehicle

The said two companies will start their cooperation on front and cocoon LiDAR optics designs, based on the LeddarEngin solution. The LeddarEngine solution is made up of the LeddarCore LCA3 system-on-chip and LeddarSP signal processing library. The LeddarEngine sets a new standard for the design of integrated and customizable LiDAR 3d flash light radar solutions designed for autonomous shuttles, robotaxis, delivery vehicle and passenger vehicles. Sunny Automotive Optech will focus on the automotive platform offering that includes the LeddarEngine by introducing automotive grade optical design and manufacturing services to Tier-1 self-driving vehiecles makers adopting LiDAR solutions.

Sunny Automotive Optech has a track record of successfuly cost optimization through innovation, balance in product and process design and supply chain management achieves an optimized solution between performance and cost. This proven capablity will strengthen the competitiveness of the LeddarEngine patented technology in the industry of radar LED technology.
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