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The lifestyle and lighting applications might change much after the outbreak of covid-19 epidemic

The coronavirus epidemic will change the lifestyle and lighting applications much around the world
Starting from the year 2020, the lifestyle for most of the people will likely change in some way because of the outbreak of recent covid-19 epidemic.

Let us see the following trends that are undergoing in the lighting industry facing the influence of cornavirus that still put some areas under strict quarantine or lockdown measures recently.

Sensing and disinfecting functions will be combined with smart lighting

Sensing and disinfection technolgies will be added into smart lighting to control people flow and reduce the spread of air infection.

Currently, some sensing technologies suppliers have cooperated with software integrators to create software for space management.With the aid of this newest sensing technology, the lighting installation in public area can achieve social distacning beteen people and monitor health status of each person in real-time status.

For example, USA-based LED lights distributor Signify optimized its Interact Office software to enable users to use connected lighting infrastructure so as to monitor space occupancy, temperature, air quality,etc. In doing so, office or building owners can indentify and clean high-traffic areas more frequently.

Many world-famous research institutes are working on UVC chips that can kill virus such as corvid-19 without harming human skins. Currently, Far-UVC light is thought to be safe, lighting supplier Healthe had launched a newest product based on far-UVC chips for environment.

Circadian Lighting to make Indoor Life much healthier

Many people around the world have been forcted to work online from home during the epidemic.Some big players such as  Facebook and Twitter have been under permanent remote-work policy. More and more people are paying attention to circadian lighting that can meet with circadian rhythm of human, thus, people can be more energetc during the daytime.

LED chip suppliers like Samsung, Nichia, and Seoul Semiconductor have provided full range LEDs for circadian lighting applications. Lighting distributors such as Signify, BIOS, LEDVANCE and more also sold varied lighting fixtures featuring circadian lighting to improve the lifestyle of people.

Horticulture Lighting to make sure of ample food supply

The world might suffer from the severe problem of food supply shortage during the lockdown or strict travel restrictions in the world. Food supply for self-sufficiency will become one of the priorities for governments and plant building factories. 

Basically, plant factories use artificial grow lights to improve food supply, so the demands for horticulture LED lighting are growing.Osram who takes a bigger market share in horticulture LEDs announced that the market demands keep rising, thus, a wider range of grow lights have been released to the market recently.

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