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Perovskite-based LED will be used to improve color performance of current LED light emitters

Perovskite-based LED is regarded as the material that can produce light by lower production cost. Nowadays, worldwide researchers are still working on this meterial in order to improve its efficiency and stability.
Perovskite material will be used for improving LED color saturation
Helio Display Materials, who originates from Oxford University and Cambridge University in UK is trying their best to commercilize perovskite LEDs.

Based on their intellectual proporty technologies, this new company is endeavouring to improve color performance for current light emitters in terms of LCD,OLED display, Mini LED and Micro LED. The said company is working on color converting film and matrix to transfer blue LEDs and RGB backlight for better color saturation. This matrix technolgy is said to be suitable for Micro LED technology with better power efficiency.

Perovkskite material will be used in the manufacture of red Micro LED chips in order to improve poor yield and efficiency for full RGB colors of Micro LED.
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