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Osram and its partners improves Infrared laser bars for industrial materials processings

Osram makes the latest Infrared laser bars
Infrared light-related applications has been made more and more in many areas in recent years.Actually, infrared LEDs and VCSELs had been used for face recognition in smartphones. Osram Opto Semiconductors who has been developing high-power lasers for special application show the performance of laser bars from the latest EKOLAS project funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Nowadays, the latest laser technology has been much necessary in different industries such as medical technology and car manufacturing.Together with its partneers, Osram Opto Semiconductors has worked on different tasks  in the EffiLAS joint project EKOLAS, so as to develop highly efficient infrared laser bars with outstanding output powers and to demostrate them in industrial materials processing. In the EKOLAS project that was completed earlier in the year 2020, infrared laser bar can achieve maximum output of 400 watts in continuous wave operation. The infrared laser bar establishes a new creteria with an efficiency of about 70% in the wavelengths of 1000 and 1020 nanometers with its output is up to 300 watts.

Base on the simulation of certain process, the newly drawn knowledges can be shared to other product groups and wavelengths in the range between 800 and 1060nm. Besides the advantages in product development, the results also improve the relevant supply chains in Germany and the rest of Europe, so as to strengthen the industrial location greatly.

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