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LiDAR sensors works with tranffic management system on the road to improve safety

LiDAR sensors solutions are introduced into traffic management system
Velodyne Lidar had worked with PARIFEX who is a traffic management and speed measurement systems provider.It is announced that PARIFEX will introduce Velodyne’s LiDAR sensors into its traffic monitoring solutions which can help reduce road accident rates and ensure roadway safety.

PARIFEX will adopt its NANO-CAM and NOMAD solutions with Velodyne Puck sensors for real-time monitoring static and moving objects including vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists, while keeping their privacy. NANO-CAM can be used in speed enforcement for road safety as well as other applications such as smart cities, smart parking and navigation assistance for self-driving vehicles. NOMAD is an intelligent system that can detect violations,for example, red light, speed, stop sign, phone use and more.

Featuring real-time object detection and distance measurement, LiDAR sensors have been widely installed for environment control. Besides traffic management, recently, LiDAR is also used to monitor anonymous indoor and outdoor flow control so as to make sure of social distance maintenance in public areas to improve safety during moving in the covid-19 pandemic.
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