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Auto maker Great Wall Motor will use LiDAR technology of Ibeo for Level 3 self driving

VCSEL technology of Austrian AMS is used in LiDAR systems of Ibeo for Level-3 self driving cars that will be produced by Great Wall Motor Company
AMS and Ibeo Automotive Systems announce that VCSEL technology of AMS is a major part of Ibeo newest LiDAR solution. The said LiDAR system will be installed in Level-3 self driving on mass production at Great Wall Motor Company starting in 2022.

The VCSEL technology of AMS can achieve flexibility in layout design in terms of  number of pixels, their size and pitch, and specific addressability patterns. The VCSELs can be different in scan and flash applications because they are less sensitive to separate emitter failures, but they are easy for integrating and more stable in temperature ranges.

LiDAR technology of Ibeo will bsed used in cars of Great Wall Motor to achieve semi-autonomous drive at Level 3.

LiDAR systems emit laser pulses to evaluate the light reflected from various objects. From the so-called time-of-flight, or the time it takes for the reflected laser pulse to reach the sensor again, software calculates the distance to the surrounding objects. Modern LiDAR systems can handle many laser pulses simultaneously: The result is a 3D model of the environment that recognizes crash barriers and road markings besides cars, cyclists, and pedestrians, their position and movement. Along with a long-range and a high range resolution, LiDAR technology features its accuracy during the self-driving on the road.
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