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LG Innotek is using ulta-slim line car led lights technology to grab more global market share

Automotive LED exterior lighting is very important for a vehicle in terms of identity for first impression and safety for driving.

Korea-based LG Innotek successfully developed a ultra-slim line lamp "Nexlide". This latest car led lamp makes the original dot-shaped LED light shine brightly in a line or plane shape.

"Nexlide-L" is good for improving the shape of an automobile. This ultra-slim lamp can emit bright and uniform light from the module sharp line of 3mm width from one end to the other end along a slim and smooth lighting line. Besids, various shapes of lightings such as straight lines, curves, and waves can be achieved without any problem.

The LED color and brightness of this super slim car led lamp can be customized according to its application and mounting position. The car led light can be made in many ways according to specific requirements, for example, red light for brake lamps and centre high mount stop lamp (CHMSL), amber light for turn signal lamps and side-view mirror lamps, and white light for position lamps.
Nexlide ultra slim car led lamp designed by LG  Innotek
Especially, "Nexlide-L" has excellent super lighting performance up to  7,500 nit(cm/m²) It can also be used for a brake lamp because its brightnees meets the requirement for safely braking.

Based on a total of 215 relevant technology patents, LG Innotek has kept enlarging its automotive LED lights portfolio with the development of "Nexlide-L". 

Currently, it has a total of 20 kinds of package lamp modules, including car exterior LED lamps such as LED headlamps, daytime running lamps (DRLs), LED position lamps, LED turn signal lamps, side-view mirror lamps, LED tail lamps (brake lamps) and centre high mount stop lamp (CHMSL) besides  interior lamps and dashboards.

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