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USA-based tools supplier Stanley is in mass production by adopting 265nm UVC LED solutions to fight covid-19

USA-based tools supplier Stanley announced that 265nm UVC LED is really highly effective in terms of inactivation of covid-19 virus after it finished a test by cooperating with Japanese Yamaguchi Universityit .Now Stanley has finished establishing an integrated production facility for UVC LED. 

The researchers put 10 ml of virus solution (5 x 10 PFU/mL) in dishes and used 265nm UVC LED to disinfect the virus. The lab test results showed that the UVC LED achieved an inactivation rate of 99.9% for covid-19, when the UV Dose is 5.1mJ/cm2.
Stanley UVC LED test comparison
Also, Stanley shared its new solution of UVC LED production. The company developed an integrated production facility that covers every stage of UVC LED in-house production, from semiconductor substrate growth to LED packaging.

Stanley can develop AIN films with its in-house technology so as increase output of the LED. These technical capabilities also helps Stanley make all of the production at better cost control level.

Recently, Stanley is enlarging its production in 265 nm UVC LEDs scale hoping to cover more disinfecting applications such as surface disinprevention, air and water purification to curb the spread of the coronavirus.
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