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Osram announced its negotiation with Continental to separate the business of smart automotive lights


Osram announced that it is negotiating with Continental on separating the business of smart automotive lights and returning it to their parent companies.  It explained that the decision was made facing the slow market environment hit by COVID-19 epidemic.

Osram is negotiating with Continental about the business separation of smart automotive lights

In July 2018, Osram and Continental established the joint venture focusing on automotive LED lights modules. However, after Osram was acquired by AMS, it shifted its focus to photonic and optical technologies, thus, Osram kept exit other businesses such as automotive lighting module.They plan to finish the negotiations on separating the business at the end of the year 2020.

AMS plans to leverage the opto semiconductor technologies of Osram to focus more on sensing and automotive application. In the near future, AMS will be fully devoted to mobile business, and Osram will be completely responsible for automotive business so as to make faster devlopment based on their respecitve strengths ofboth parties.

The strong technical capability of osram covers VCSEL, automotive LEDs and LiDAR laser (EEL), which will be much helpful for AMS to stand stronger in the automotive market other than mobile devices.
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