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Samsung is conservative to introduce UVC LEDs into its newest home appliances for the year 2021

Samsung has announced to reduce the number of its newest household appliances that will adopt UVC LED technology for the coming year 2021. Based on the market feedback, the application range will be increased.

The 250-280nm UVC LEDs have been introduced to its current home appliances such as  a refrigerator, an air purifier, an air conditioner, a washing machine and a fabric cleaner,etc. 

It is a challenging job to evaluate the market feedback and disinfection effects by the UV LED embedded home appliances, so Samsung is conservative to make UVC LED application in large scale. Currently, Samsung is using UV LED chips from Seoul Viosys to make test. UV lamps may also be chosen by Samsung if the disinfecting effect of tested models installing UVC LEDs is not up to expectations.
Samsung is expanding applications of UVC LEDs in its newest home appliances
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