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Osram showcase its first UVC LED chip UV 3636 to fight coronavirus virus

As we know, Osram is one of the leading players in general LED chips. Actually, it also has been active in the UV area for long time and accumulated rich knowledge of UV technology during working on various research projects with partners from industry and research. Some of the famous companies are the UNIQUE and UV-Power project, as well as IPCEI on Microelectronics.

People come to realize that the longer the covid-19 pandemic lasts, the more important it is to stay healthy and safe outside. Quarantine measures that are wearing a facemask or socially distancing can obly guard against the spread or infection of virus in some way. But UVC light in some wavelength spectrum has been proven to disinfect the viruses. Scientific researchs have proven 265nm~275nm Ultraviolet wavelength UV-C LED light can kill 99.9 percent of viruses and bacteria on surfaces, in the air and in drinking water. 

As one the world-famous suppliers, Osram Opto Semiconductors can achieve particularly small and robust in disinfection applications with ites UVC LED chip UV 3636. It is Osrams first UV-C LED, which is available in a low and mid-power version.With a wavelength of 275 nanometers, both versions are ideal for disinfection applications. The low-power version achieves 4.5 milliwatts at 30 milliamperes. The mid-power version impresses with 42 milliwatts at 350 milliamperes. The Oslon UV 3636 marks the beginning of a Osrams comprehensive products category in UV-C LED chips.
Oslon UV 3636  developed by Osram

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