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Introduction about some major applications for the infrared sensing market in the year 2021

According to market survery, 2021 Infrared Sensing Market Trend will see 3D Sensing, LiDAR, SWIR LED, the current market requirements will be kept boosting by the market growth of major applications, such as 3D sensing for mobile devices (smartphone, tablet and AR), automotive in-cabin sensing (DMS and OMS), LiDAR markets (ADAS, autonomous vehicle, industry, delivery and smart city), eye tracking, security surveillance and PPG , it is expected that the infrared sensing market scale in 2025 will reach USD 3.79 billion. 

Infrared sensing market forcast for the year 2021

3D Sensing for Mobile Devices
World facing 3D sensing functions cover rangefinder, blur photo effect (background removal included), 3D object recognition, spatial modeling and augmented reality. So far, the integration of 3D sensing with 5G connectivity has been used in smartphones and tablets to provide AR-assisted interior design, home renovation, home additions, and even integration with video games. 3D sensing solutions may even achieve cross-industry commercial opportunities in the near future. 

Basically, the LiDAR application markets include ADAS, autonomous vehicle, industry, delivery and smart city.
Nowadays, major auto makers have produced new energy vehicles. Most of high-end traditional vehicles and new energy vehicles are equipped with ADAS. As LiDAR is considered to be the necessary sensor to reach the autonomous vehicle L4 and L5, auto makers have adopted LiDAR in advance to create database and increase accuracy. Actually, automotive LiDAR is also used in autonomous bus, Robo-Taxi and truck.

Owing to the unfluence of COVID-19 crisis, the industrial automation market was slow in the year 2020. Most manufacturers postponed their first plans based on their budgets. Yet, some manufacturers have been active in developing industrial automation due to manpower shortage in the future. 

Automotive In-Cabin Sensing (Driver Monitoring System and Occupancy Monitoring System)
The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), Euro NCAP and European Union are active to recommend driver monitoring system (DMS) and occupancy monitoring system (OMS) to varied car models. Installation of driver monitoring systems will be on priority in the OE markets of passenger and commercial vehicles. The car makers we talk about are Audi, BMW, Cadillac (GM), Ford, Mazda, Infiniti (Nissan), Lexus (TOYOTA), Mercedes-Benz, Subaru, Volkswagen, Volvo, Maxus, Great Wall Motors, BORGWARD, Geely and Hyundai. Indirect ToF can detect longer distance and obtain 3D depth information. The indirect ToF technology will be introduced into new car models in the year 2022-2023. Also, Tesla has already introduced DMS/OMS into the Model 3.

Eye Tracking
Eye tracking technology is much useful in solving motion sickness, enhancing immersion and improving interaction. Since the year 2020, eye tracking starts to be used in AR products. Besides, the market volume will grow with increasing shipments of augmented reality and virtual reality products.

Infrared Niche Market- SWIR LED
Short Wave InfraRed LED (SWIR LED) is on wavelength of 1,050-2,500nm. The major SWIR LED market applications are FoD recognition, proximity sensor, blood glucose / alcohol monitoring, machine vision (hyperspectral imaging), etc. Famous SWIR LED suppliers are DOWA, USHIO, Hamamatsu, Showa Denko, Epistar, Epileds, etc. Amongst those, DOWA can provide SWIR LED products with the highest brightness in the market.
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