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Sense Photonics achieves the first 940nm shutter flash LiDAR with 200 meter detecting range for automotive

World-leading 940nm shutter flash LiDAR from Sense Photonics
USA California-based Sense Photonics said that it has successfully made the first world-leading 940nm shutter flash LiDAR system that can detect 200 meter range. 

Based on its proprietary emitter and SPAD sensor technologies, Sense Photonics adopts a backside illuminaed CMOS SPAD with more than 140,000 pixels to work seamlessly with the Sense Illuminator that can distribute 940nm laser array of more than 15,000 VCSELs.

In this way, the Senses LiDAR system can detect 10% reflective targets at 200 meters range in full sunlight, featuring the first high-resolution,eye-safe shutter flash LiDAR system in the world. Removing the complex motion blur correction but allowing pixel-level, frame-by-frame fusion with RGB camera data, this LiDAR system sets a new standard in the line of long-range LiDAR around the world.

Targeted for mass-market automotive application, Sense uses mature manufacturing and cost-effective production processes forcurrent consumer technology industries. And unlike legacy LiDAR technologies, Sense shutter flash LiDAR system removes the requirement for fine alignment between emitter & receiver, keeping sensor calibration and depth accuracy during shock and vibration. Besides,  the camera-like architecture is designed as a platform to achieve customer-specific product variations with a simple change in optics,actually, it is the first system in the world to achieve both short- and long-range capabilities from the same architecture.

At the beginning of the year 2021, some automakers,AV companies, and Tier 1 suppliers have showed great interests in the latest  940nm shutter flash LiDAR system from Sense Photonics. Recently, Sense Photonics have finalized customser evluation systems, more  market requirements will be met in the middle of the year 2021, it is estimated that the mass production of this innovative system will be begun later 2024.
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