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Japanese Ushio becomes one of the biggest and versatile supplier on the market of LEDs and laser diodes

Epitex division under Japanese Ushio has grown to develop the largest collection of light emitting diodes in the world. Including all violet, visible, and infrared (IR) wavelengths, from 365 nanometers (nm) to 1750 nm, its wide range of LED chips is one-stop-shop for single and multi-wavelength LEDs. World famous for its professionism in customization soutions and highest quality level, Ushio is able to offer a unique solution for every application.

The standard multi-chip Epitex LED products are of the SMT and mold type package families. Able to emit two or three wavelengths of light at the same time, these LED chips are much suitable for low-power applications such as vital sign sensors and other medical instruments. Mold type LEDs are known as the archetypal standard for narrow angle light emission; but, this type of LED chip is very large in package height. When space is a little less, SMT LED chips are the better option because of their shorter package taking up less room.
comparision of mould type and SMT LED packages by Epitex

When applications need a higher multi-color output power, for example, automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), Ushio provides customized multi-chip SMBB packages and EDC LEDs where a smaller footprint is needed. Besides, photodiodes can be integrated into the customized packages for sensory measurement and analysis as well as the light emitting capabilities. Other customizable options are package shape, type, and number of light emitting chips.

As its fame in the LED chips sector continues to grow, Ushio quickly becomes one of the biggest and most versatile on the world market of LEDs and laser diodes . Ushio innovational efforts and eye for talent result in the acquisition of various LED technology businesses and their subsequent integration with its existing engineering divisions.
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