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CREE contiunes to take the lead in the line of horticultural LED lights

Demands of the European and the US horticultural LED light market grew quickly in the year 2019. Compared with other LED lights applications, the horticultural LED lighting market requirement in the previous year 2020 was still increasing greatly. 

Horticulture LED has been, and continues to be, an important focus for Cree LEDs. Cree continue to enlarge its coverage of the highest performance and reliability LEDs for this application. 

Actually, every project is much different in the horticulture LED lighting industry; however, just as in general lighting, efficiency has been an important item to consider. Other items cover the region, crop, and the customer requirements. 

There is no one universal version suitable for all in horticulture, but having the right combination of spectrum, efficiency and reliability are major parameters for success as a supplier to these manufacturers.

Cree has many advantages in this line, one of which is that it provides this leading performance across all major LED types: ceramic high-power, ceramic COB, metal COB, plastic high-power and plastic mid-power. No matter what type of LED works best in the field, Cree has an industry-leading platform available.

Another advantage is that Cree strictly focuses on delivering the best LED performance to the customers so that they can achieve the most best spectral distributions for their applications.
Cree continues to focus on developing the most efficient LEDs in the visible spectrum and currently offer the best products in the visible spectrum.
CREE J series LEDs for horicultural led lights market
Cree’s XP-E Far Red and XP-G3 Photo Red and Royal Blue have set the industry criteria for spectral efficiency. For broad spectrum white LEDs, Cree has many solutions available in COB, high-power and mid-power package types.

As end users have a better understanding of the advantages that LED can provide, Cree has seen a great decrease on the market of the traditional HID lamps. For example, Cree’s XLamp XP-G3 Photo Red LEDs were the first LED source that could deliver two times the efficiency versus the best traditional HID lamps. 

From now on, Cree will continue to establish a criteria in leadership performance and reliability in new and existing horticultural led lighting products. It will also keep focusing on the horticulture LED lights segment to support the customers.
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