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A brief analysis about the global LED lights market and outlook in the year 2021

Although the covid-19 pandemic affects the world business greatly, the global LED lighting market is still optimistic, it is estimated to grow 5.1% in the year 2021.

In recent months, the market requirement for LED lights has been lower in some way due to the quick and heavy impact of covid-19. However, governments in all of countries have begun fiscal stimulus and quantitative easing policies to recover the the economy. The LED lights industry will benefit from government policies because LED lights are the necessities for working and living. For example, during the epidemic, the residential lighting market has kept rising, which proves its essential characteristic.
Also, LED lights are further developed for digital intelligent dimming and control fixtures. The LED lighting industry will also focus more on the intelligent systemization of products, human-caused health lighting . 

Experts agree that the led lights in the future will be higher energy efficiency, lower cost, lighter weight, smaller size, easier-to install lighting devices, and more convenient intelligent control. With teh development of IoT and 5G technology, intelligent control will be a basic function for LED lights in near future. At the same time, the future LED lighting fixtures must be more comfortable and have higher quality in contrast and brightness.

All in all, under the dual hit arsing from  US-China conflicts and the COVID-19 epidemic in the year 2020, LED players would keep strenghening the development in residential LED lights, automotive LED lamps and smart lighting market in the year 2021 facing more severe market challenges.
challenges and opportunies for LED lights industry in the year 2021
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