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Philips newest solar fish lights are proven to increase growth and reduce feed for fish farmers


Signify under Philips has launched latest solar fish grow lights that can help to improve farming for ponds with the help of power of the sun.Specially designed to suit many fish species including tilapia, these grow lights can provide spectral light increase fight productivity and efficiency.

South China Agricultural University had made a research at a tilapia farm using 60 solar fish grow lights in a 7,000 m2 pond, the relevant results provied a 10% increase in fish growth and  10% reduction in feed conversion ratio (FCR), that is to say,fish farmers need less feed per kilogram of fish.The commercial size test lasted 117 days and resulted in an additional 1,770 kg of tilapia that was harvested compared to the reference ponds.Earlier, Ocean University of Shanghai1 had made similar study in lab, wich showed the similar results.

The test made by South China Agricultural University at a tilapia farm

The Philips solar fish light is easy to install and only one solar fish grow light is needed per 100-150 m2 of pond surface. Equally spaced in the pond, these solar fish lights are connected by a rope to the center line or to each other to keep them in place. Light has been proven to be very helpful to enhance fish production and protect its welfare. Solar fish grow lights can cover many elements such as intensity and distribution, quality of light expressed in spectral composition, and photoperiod undergoing daily and seasonal cycles. 
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