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Surface Element Lighting technology from Magna can provide more personalizations designs for auto makers

Magna is pushing vehicle design possibilities with its new innovative Surface Element Lighting technology which offers a new palette of options for automotive designers.

Magna International Inc who is a world-famous supplier of car components is working on its newest and innovative Surface Element Lighting technology in order to provide a new palette of options for car makers.

Surface Element Lighting technology is applied  to all-electric 2021 Volkswagen ID.4, so as to achieve homogeneous appearance and customizable, affordable LED lighting solutions for exterior applications.

With near-endless configurations, individual compact LED panels can be packaged into a minimum 4mm thick space in a car. Unique 3D panels with styles can be achieved by modifying the lit elements in the surrounding frame.

Customizable lighting animations can be made in separate elements or in groups, such as  lock/unlock, greet/goodbye, charge indicator, startup and turn signal indicator. Besides, car makers can provide different solutions of different pre-programmed lighting animations for end users to achieve more personalizations.

Until today, more than 140 vehicles models from different car makers have adopted Lighting solutions of Magna so as to facilitate the application of the newest Surface Element Lighting technology.
Car model based on Surface Element Lighting technology on demonstration

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