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Automotive intelligent headlights will be the mainstream for vehicles in the year 2021

In the global automotive light market, European, American and Japanese suppliers are the main players. Last year, Japan-based Koito took the lead with market share of 25.3%, Italys Magneti Marelli (13.9%) and France-based Valeo (12.8%) followed, these three players occupy 52% of the global market.

In the meantime, Chinese automotive light manufacturer bellwethers have launched interactive lighting technology in the automotive CASE trend in terms of connected, autonomous,shared and electrified. For example, at Auto Shanghai 2021, HASCO Vision Technology showed an intelligent interactive lighting system including PML intelligent headlamps and ISD tail lights.

The system can input user-defined texts, pictures and videos into the lighting domain controller, all of the said contents can be converted into elements and materials that the lamps can recognize to display the specific content and interact with users. 

In the year 2020, Changzhou Xingyu Automotive Lighting Systems also managed to develop rhythmic taillights capable of welcoming, the second-generation ambient lights with public voice interaction function, gesture controlled indoor lamps, and pixel-type headlamp modules.

Intelligent headlights provide higher visibility for drivers in poor weathers to ensure driving safety. The data shows that intelligent lamps helps to reduce most of the traffic accidents at night. More and more intelligent headlights are installed in mid- and high-class cars. According to GMI Research and its public data, it is estimated that the global intelligent headlight market will be worth nearly USD6.84 billion in the year 2026 compared with USD4.83 billion in the year 2020.

There are six intelligent headlight technology routes: LED Matrix, AFS, LCD, DLP, Blade Scan and MEMS. As LED packaging technology matures and its cost falls, matrix ADB will still be the main stream of intelligent headlights which be used for high-class car models and the lower-class. OSRAM has introduced EVIYOS 1.0, the worlds first AFS delivering 1,024 pixels on 4mm x 4mm SoC. OSRAM EVIYOS 2.0 offering 25,600 pixels is under development and will be rolled out in 2023.

DLP technology based on digital mirror device (DMD) is exclusively owned by TI. There are a total of six DMD-enabled models including New Mercedes-Benz S Class, Great Wall VV6/VV7, and IM Zhiji. The more frequent interactions of vehicles with the outside world come with the development of intelligent connected vehicles.

Automotive DLP technology allows light projections on ground to form various light patterns and icons so as to build a bridge to communicate with the outside world, and its high resolution helps to enable ADAS functions, for example, traffic sign lighting for recognizing traffic signs. So DLP technology will be introduced to intelligent connected vehicles.
More and more intelligent headlights are installed onto vehicles.

Major Global Automotive Lights Suppliers
1. Koito
2. Stanley
3. Magneti Marelli
4. Hella
5. Valeo
7. SL
8. LG Group
9. Magna
10. Lumileds
11. Varroc
12. Odelo

Major Automotive Lights Suppliers in China
1. HASCO Vision
2. Changzhou Xingyu Automotive Lighting Systems
3. Zhejiang Jiali (Lishui) Industry
4. Anrui Optoelectronics
5. Zhejiang Tianchong Vehicle Lamp Group
6. Hongli Zhihui Group
7. Nanning Liaowang Auto Lamp
8. DEPO Auto Parts Ind.
9. APT Electronics
10. Jiangsu Tongming Hi-tech Auto Electrical Appliance
11. Changzhou Tongbao Photoelectricity
12. Jiangsu Yedi Auto Lamp
13. Zhejiang Ginye Auto Parts
14. Xunchi Vehicle Jiangsu
5.15 Mande Electronics and Electrical
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