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laser headlights will be car headlight of tomorrow for autonomous vehicles

super bright laser headlights in high beams on the jeep
Automobile laser headlights were installed onto BMW i8 for the first time in the year 2014, which kicks off the fast development pace of automotive headlights in terms of super bright illumination on the road ahead.

The lighting technology used in automotive headlights has developed very slowly until recently. The very first vehicle headlights of the 1880s were based on acetylene and oil. Those were replaced in the late 1890s with electric lamps. In the 1960s, when the halogen headlight was introduced, followed closely by high-intensity discharge (HID) systems also known as xenon. The LED head light was introduced in 2007, which features lower power consumption, brightness, long life and design flexibility. And now, the laser headlight is considered the car headlight of tomorrow.

According to the report from BMW, it is reported that laser headlights can be 1,000 times brighter than common led lights while consuming less power greatly. Compared with traditional LED low beams, these head lights can be 6 times brighter for significantly increased visibility.

Actually, laser headlights do not shoot laser beams directly onto the road ahead. After they are powered on, three blue lasers fire their beams onto a set of mirrors, then the mirrors focus the energy into a group of lens filled with yellow phosphorus to emit an intense white light. The reflected focus of light from these beams is safe to be seen directly. 

Laser light sources can also be used in connected cars for wireless, high-speed, light-based Li-Fi communications. As autonomous vehicles take to the road, communications ability of adaptive laser head lighting systems will be increasingly important to maximize safety. 
Until today, for the reason of costs and traffic rules on some market, only few famous auto makers install laser lights onto their series,for example, Audi is working to integrate laser technology into its Matrix LED headlights,BMW only install laser light on its i8 series,the 2016 7 Series includes LED low beam headlights and LED high beams with a laser module. However, more and more auto makers,such as Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover and Volkswagen,etc are on the plan to integrate the laser headlights onto their new models in coming years.
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