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Chinese auto maker Great Wall Motor will launch the first electric model with four LiDAR units in the world

auto maker great wall launch novel electric model "Mecha dragon"
Recently, Chinese Famous auto maker Great Wall Motor (GWM)announced its newest electric model "Mecha Dragon" under its brand Saloon.

This newest model is a medium-to-large coupe with a body length of 5.2m and an appearance similar to mechanical armour.It is designed with a sharp 160-degree angle that leads to the LED headlights, angular lines on both sides and mini LED tailights with customized display content.

This is the first model to install four LiDAR units on a car in the world, which can detect anything at a distance within 200 meters. 

Based on Huawei autonomous driving chip MDC and two sets of intelligent driving computing platforms, this novel electric car can run certified range of 802km and a recoupled 401km range from 10 minute fast charging.

In the first quarter of 2022, Great Wall Motor plans to produce only 101 "Mecha Dragon" models at first, and it plans to sell 200,000 vehicles by the year 2025.

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