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Japanese company develops a newest multi-color LED for improved color mixing in smaller mounting area

Japanese Citizen Electronics Co., Ltd has launched a newest upward-lighting multi-color LEDs in the “CL-V501 Series,” that have achieved a better color mixing property as well as being small in illuminating size but high in brightness. 

Basically, multi-color LEDs have three dies of RGB (Red, Green and Blue), which are primary colors for led in one package. That is why they can generate various colors including white by mixing the colors, and are used for illumination or as indicators in many kinds of devices such as led warning lights.

White color generated by lighting RGB dies in conventional multi-color LEDs had poor color mixing property, and it was difficult to be much brigt in white color mode. Thus, in some cases, RGBW LED was used, in which white (W) LED is added to RGB. This solution makes the LED package larger and circuit design of the device complex and expensive. However, by improving the composition of raw materials and adopting a new manufacturing method, we have succeeded in controlling directivity in the the CL-V501 itself. The natural white color is achieved with this high color mixing property. As the light source does not generate color separation, design is also improved to meet various applications. NatEven in cases where a lens and light guide plate are used, it is easier for customers to create designs because the light source itself has color mixing.
the color mixing property comparision between newest CL-V501 and old led
Compared with conventional product, area of this CL-V501 Series is reduced by 30%, and luminous area is reduced by 50%.For the newest CL-V501 series,the luminous area is 1.34 square mm, but the mounting area is only 2.24 square mm. This improvement results in space-saving of the mounting area of the device, and the doubling in luminous efficacy can reduce energy consumption.

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