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Latest VCSEL illuminator of ams OSRAM can achieve reliable in-cabin monitoring and gesture sensing

AMS Osram is demonstrating a latest infrared laser flood illuminator for its newest automotive indirect Time-of-Flight system.

Featuring in an integrated eye safety interlock, this latest vertical-cavity surface-emitting (VCSEL) flood illuminator can achieve more compact,reliable and faster operation than others. With an interface board, a processor board and iToF sensor,the VCSEL kit can provide complete hardware implementation of iToF sensing on which auto maker can achieve in-the-cabin applications such as occupant detection and gesture sensing. 

Integrated with eye safety interlock, this newest VCSEL kit can interact directly on micro-lens array of the VCSEL module to detect any dangers that might result in eye safety risk. Without needing additional electronic components other than AND gate or a MOSFET, the read-out circuit can make immediate reactions to fault issues.Integration of eye safety interlock into VCSEL illuminator module can not only reduce components but also improve reliability while achieving the best optical performance during the driving.
The VCSEL flood illuminator is demonstrating complete automotive IToF 3D sensing status
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