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the world first fully integraged micro-LED light engine for high-definition adaptive headlight

Nichia Corporation and Infineon Technologies AG announce they have launched the latest fully integrated micro-LED light engine for high-definition (HD) adaptive driving beam for cars for the first time.

As car LED technology is much helpful for driving comfort and road safety, matrix LED technology for adaptive driving beam has become an important headlight feature for illumination during the driving. Three years ago, Infineon and Nichia announced the joint development of a high-definition (HD) light engine with more than 16,000 micro-LEDs for automotive headlight. Cooperating with a European Tier1 company, the micro-LED matrix solution for HD adaptive driving beam applications that have passed AEC certifications will be installed in a German premium vehicle this year.
The briefing about the latest integrated micro-LED light engine from Nichia and Infineon Technologies

Adopting Nichias unique in-house LED chip and micro-LED technology, the light engine has an integrated LED driver IC from Infineon that can drive all 16,384 micro-LEDs individually by pulse-width modulation (PWM) control. Also, the driver IC monitors each micro-LED separately and achieves on-chip temperature monitoring for the best thermal disspation control. Integrated video interfaces enable high-speed transmission of the video signal from the light pattern generator unit. Especially, Infineon’s driver IC only activates the LEDs that are actually needed for a light pattern. This greatly increases the energy efficiency of the newest light engine at much smaller form factor compared with other  micro-mirror-based HD matrix solutions in the market.

In doing so, smaller and slimmer headlamp designs will be available in the near future. The latest light engine provies adjustments that can be digitally programmed at the factory or activated by auto makers or driver on demand. For example, the different driving requirements of left- and right-handed drivers can be met to acheive user-friendliness. All these features result that the new HD light greatly reduces design and production complexity for auto makers.
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