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What are the main differences between halogen light, led headlight and laser light

comparision between halogen,led and laser headlights
Headlights are some of the most important parts for a  vehicle. Not only are headlights necessary to make your vehicle look good, but they are also one of the most important illumination and safety tools.

Before you buy a new car, you have to face three major headlight technologies you cannot neglect, halogen,LED and laser. 

In the following, we make an introduction about the differences between them for you to make decisions.

Halogen lights are certaily the oldest. The way halogen headlights work is pretty simple. Theres a tungsten filament inside a glass enclosure filled with halogen gas. When electricity passes through the filament, it begins to heat up and illuminate yellowishly you need to get to used to.

These halogen headlights are ease of maintenance cheap to replace the bulbs. However, the bulbs get very hot and they are not bright enough during your driving while they consume more power during their working.

Gradually, LED headlights are slowly becoming popular in vehicles. Not only do LED lights look much cooler than halogens, but theyre also more energy-saving. They run much cooler than halogen lights, and you wont have to replace them as often as halogen light bulbs.

LED lights can be used to replace all filament-based bulbs in a car, especially in the interior. LED lights also allow for headlight aluminum housings which can be compact,better heat dissipation. Besides this, auto makers such as Audi are installing advanced "matrix" style LED lights into vehicles.

The best part about an advanced matrix headlight is the systems ability to communicate with sensors scanning the road and adjust their beam pattern in real-time as a result of whatever information the sensors relayed. Imagine the benefits of always having your high beams on, but in a tailor-made way to avoid blinding oncoming traffic. These lights provide more safety features and more functionality than a halogen bulb ever could.

Compared with the tradition halogen lights, LED lights are also more expensive because they feature LED chips and more complex electronic components. LED chips last much longer, so you wont be forced to change these bulbs very often.

Until now, Laser headlights have not been very popular, but they are some of the brightest lights available and have already been introduced to someflagship vehicles like the Audi R8 and the BMW i8.

Laser headlights are absolute monsters compared to any other LED headlight. They adopt the latest technology featuring a blue laser that is directed at a concentration of phosphorus inside the headlight housing.

When the lasers photons are shining on the phosphorus, a dazzling white light arise. This light is many times brighter than LED lights after it is turned on. In fact, the light luem is so high that BMW doesnt activate the laser feature on some of their headlights at the beginng of start until the car is running on the road, and they also adopt an anti-glare optic technology to avoid blinding the drivers and pedestrian. These laser lights can also illuminate twice as far down the road as an LED light so as for improved visibility and safety in most conditions. Now this technology is still very expensive, and regular maintenance on these laser headlights is a financial burden. 

Now we come to understand that there is some advantage and disadvantage between the three types. It is up to you to make final decisions to buy correct type of lights for new cars depending on your budget, technical background and fashion tast.

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