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Automotive LED lights will become the future mainstream


With the development of LED technology, it is increasingly used in the field of varied vehicles. However, LED lights companies in three applications, such as head lamp, back light source, work lights on the market is in a stage of development, certification. In the year 2014, at the industrialization of high speed, automotive LED lights producers will have a larger market of applications.

For automotive LED lights, in the traditional markets such as the United States, Japan and Europe, LED lights have been widely applied in some premium cars. With the development of Chinese economy, automobile and motorcycle industry progresses repaidly in recent years, the demand for LED lights in automobile lamp and motorcycle lamp will rise. Although a few years ago, LED lights market expands slowly, it is expected to have a rapid development in the year 2014 and 2015. Basically in each car, each lamps combination is expected to include 1 ~ 2 lamps that can use LED lights (e.g., the brake lamp, turning lights). LED lights as known as the fourth generation of car lights, LED lights features in good quality,energy-saving advantages and better illumination effect than incandescent bulbs.

As oil prices rise again in the year 2013, much attention has been paid to the development of new energy vehicles. For this reason, the energy conservation and environmental protection is the main topic of common concern around the world. LED lights are highlighted in the huge advantage in energy saving, some people who have focused on the audi new models may know, over the past few years, LED lights were continually used on their brake lamps systems. Compared with the traditional halogen lamps, automotive LED head lamps needs about half of electricity consumption, also much lower consumption than popular xenon headlamps  under the same level of lighting effect.

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