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ams OSRAM has launched RGB versions to its Ostar projection LED series

Recently, ams OSRAM has added Red, True Green and Blue colors to its OSTAR Projection Compact family LEDs, so manufacturers of machine vision systems or stage lighting fixtures can make more powerful and slimmer products.

The new LEDs are much suitable for premium high-power lighting products based on their high current density and very high brightness. Installing a new rectangular ams OSRAM 2 mm2 chip, these LEDs produce very high luminous 
output – the True Green version is the brightest 520 nm product in its class .
RGB version of OSTAR LED launched by ams OSRAM

The OSTAR Projection Compact LEDs can be packed very closely together in high-power lighting designs because of their excellent thermal dissipation and small, flat package. The thermal resistance is just 1.4 K/W, while the 
4040 package has dimensions of 4.0 mm x 4.0 mm x 0.75 mm. The LEDs’ low profile can help lighting equipment and vision system manufacturers reduce the size of their products while keeping brightness and performance.

Compared to competing products with a domed primary lens, the flat package of the OSTAR Projection Compact LEDs makes them very easy to couple into optics, giving considerable flexibility to optimize the optical performance of the 
products for individual applications. 
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