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Optronics International released a newest series of smart heated led work lamps for coldest environment

USA-based Optronics International launched a newest TLL75 Series LED work lights in flood beam type recently. The TLL75 Series LED work light is also available with an amber lens that can be used in foggy weather.

Unlike the current heated LED work lamps on the market, the TLL75 series led work lamps adopt microprocessors to start hearting smartly when the lamp temperature drops below 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 degrees Celsius) in icy and snowy environment, they will stop heating when the surrounding is warmer again.

Also, Optronics heated LED work lamps begin the heating at the level of PCBA in the lamps.The heat will go through the entire body of the lmaps including its aluminum housings. This newest series of led work lamps adopt solid-state, surface mount device (SMD) design that protects their electronics including heating components against moisture,shock and vibration.

Another unique feature of Optronics new lamps is the way in which they actually heat. Most of the heated lamps on the market use filaments embedded in their lenses, much like a rear-window defroster. Optronics heated lamps begin the heating process at the core of the lamp, at the level of the circuit board. The heat then emanates throughout the lamp, quickly warming the entire body of the lamp, including its housing.

These newest led work lamps are designed for the heavy duth trucks and commercial vehicles that operate in coldest winters.Auto makers, upfitters and off-road enthusiasts that have to face harsh weather in the winter have one more reliable solution with longer lifetime.

Performance tests in environmental test machine show quick and whole-lamp heating. At –22 degrees Fahrenheit, with 5 millimeters of ice on their lenses, the lamps are heated to 3 degrees Fahrenheit after one minute, 43 degrees Fahrenheit after five minutes and 100 degrees Fahrenheit after 15 minutes.
temperature sensitive led work lamps with white or amber color len cover
The said led work lamps are IP69K with durable die-cast aluminum housing, pc optics and 304 stainless steel mounting kits. 
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