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The Trends About LED lights in 2014


Six Main Trends About LED lights to Look Out for in 2014. Leaving 2013 behind, the LED companies are optimistic about the  2014 market. The editorial staff of  LEDinside in China has compiled a list of six research articles analyzing the future trends anticipated for 2014 including LED lighting, backlighting, and flash LED.  



Top Six LED Industry Trends in 2014

In 2013, the LED package market value was US$ 12.5 billion and is expected to reach US$ 13.39 billion (Year-on-Year +7%) in 2014. Tablets and smartphones are still highlights of the LED market in 2014. As for LED lights applications, growth was most evident in industrial, commercial and outdoor lighting markets.

Global Demand for LED Bulb and Tube in 2014 is to Increase over 80%

With decreased LED prices and the gradual improvement in LED lights performance, the cost recovery period has been shortened remarkably. This has greatly improved the commercial and public departments’ worldwide intention of replaceing lights, formally launching the global replacement tide with LED lamps, and retrofit lamps like corn type led bulb and tube are most welcomed by the market. Teehon estimates that compared with 2013, global LED bulb demand will increase 86 percent, and 89 percent for tube lighting in 2014.

LED Lights Product Shipment Volume to Soar in 2014

Global LED lights market penetration rate is quickly rising with market value expected to reach US$ 17.8 billion by 2014. Compared to 2013, the overall LED lights product shipment volume will grow 68% YoY to 1.32 billion units in 2014. Rapid fall in prices has been the source behind global LED lights product replacement wave. LED lights products have been the most evident with retrofit LED bulbs and tubes most welcomed by the market, making up 38 percent and 25 percent of the LED lights market respectively. Additionally, future demands for one-bodied LED lights products have gradually risen, especially for combined intelligent lighting application products. Therefore it is predicted that LED lights product proportion in 2014 will increase.

Direct-type LED TV Penetration Rate Surpasses 60% in 2014

Driven by Chinese TV manufacturers’ demands, LED TV penetration rates reached 95% in 2013, a subsidiary of global research institute TrendForce. The organization estimates LED TV will completely replace CCFL by 2014, and annual LED TV shipment volume will grow at YOY 3% to 209 million. However, LED for backlight TV applications market value is expected to decrease 17% to US$ 2.41 billion. The main cause behind LED TVs growing shipment volume, but lower market value has been direct-type LED TVs reduced usage of LEDs and its high penetration rate of more than 60% in 2014.


Slimmed Down Chubby TV to Become Mainstream Model in 2014

Direct-view type LED TV aka chubby TV with its cost advantages and has been a market highlight in 2013. Chubby TV has been using secondary optic lens to continually improve its features. By increasing beam angle, the LED TV has successfully met the challenge of shortening OD to 15 mm without adding LEDs. The chubby TV not only has cost advantages, it has also dropped its thick appearance and now holds the same advantages as the thin edge-view type LED TV. The industry predicts 15 mm OD TV model will become the next major industry spec in 2014.


Industry Projects Flash LED Market to Enter M Shape Trend in 2014

Penetration rates for flash LED in smartphone applications has already reached 100 percent. Rich business opportunities are attracting many within the industry. Main flash LED driver specs have been 1000mA, 500mA, and 350mA in 2013. Industry insiders believe that LED development in 2014 will take on a M shape, with 1000mA leading the pack for high-voltage flash LED drivers and 350mA on top for low-current flash LED drivers.

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