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Philips introduces aftermarket LED dayLight running lights.



Philips Automotive Lighting North America introduced two new versions of its Daytime Running Light(DRL) -- LED DayLight 8 and 4.


People today are spending more time on the road and more time customizing their vehicles.


Philips LED DayLight DRLs give vehicles an attractive appearance setting the driver away from the crowd. Philips DRLs greatly increase the visibility of the car to other drivers and pedestrians, and have a low energy consumption compared to existing halogen head lamps or HID work lights. Philips LED DRL smart clip-on system and plug-and-play connectors make installation quick and easy.


"Our new aftermarket LED DayLight 8 and 4 insures high visibility for safer daytime driving. Both are equipped with Philips LUXEON(R) Rebel LEDs and are SAE and DOT compliant. Moreover, these stylish, environmentally green solutions are the slimmest DRL modules on the market and very easy to install," says Dennis Samfilippo, General Manager of Philips Automotive Lighting North America.


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