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Seoul Viosys keep developing more solutions of UV-C LED for home appliances, automobile and water cleaning

Based on investments in technical research and development on UV-C Led, Korean Seoul Viosys has world-famous as one of the top UV-C LED manufactuers.

After Lunar New Year of the year 2020, the covid-19 pandemic has raised the huge requirement for portable portable UC-C LED sterilizer. However, the market for UC-C LED will be a bit different during the year 2021. Market surveys shows there is a visible trend of home appliance manufacturers turning for air conditioning with purification. Facing this demand, Seoul Viosys has been improving the efficiency and performance of its UV-C LED. For instance, their 275nm wavelength UV-C LED can maintain a radiant flux of 20mW at a current output of 100mW. Besides, now they have successfully developed a multi-chip UV-C LED up to 65nW, which will begin mass production in the year 2021.
major applications markets for Seoul UV-C LED

All in all, Seoul Viosys will focus on the following three segments for UV-C LED market.

[1] Home Appliance market: Seoul Viosys has already spent many years working on UV-C LED solutions for home appliances. More and more home appliance manufacturers are incorporating UV-C LED into their products, which will result in the steady growth of UV-C LED requirement in this market.

[2] Automotive market: Many famous auto makers are realizing the importance of virus disinfection in a vehicle. More and more portable UV-C LED sterlizers will be required for car drivers and passengers.

[3] Water sterilization market: There is also a huge market demand for running water disinfection in the industrial and commercial markets. UV-C LED might be a basic configuration in this application soon.

Besides the above three important applications, Seoul Viosys has also touching the curing market such as LCD lamination equipment, exposure machines, and cable curing, etc. It is estimated that the bullish market will contribute to remarkable revenue growth in the year 2021.
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