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Model no:TH-GD180
Product name: 5 watt 6 inch Osram LED whip


. Wide application range: it can apply to different types of ATV,S x S (Rhino, Rzr, WildCat, and Commanders), Sand rails/buggies, Jeeps, also on childrens bicycles
. 1.8 meter long,designed to be attached to the top of a flag pole with 1/2" male threads.
. single color or multi color type is available to choose from.
. Long life: more than ordinary advanced LED light bulbs, more than 50000 hours life
. 5 watt 6 inch Osram whit it light rod.
. Light up the night sky with your choice of selected single color or lighting pattern of 5 different colors .
. Waterproof and anti-corrosion: it can work in the rain or harsh environments.
. One year warranty for natural defectiveness.

5 watt 6 inch Osram  whit it light rod LED whip for ATV or SXS


Model no:TH-GD180
Product name: 5 watt 6 inch Osram whit it light rod LED whip for ATV or SXS


Product Description:
. LED Power:5W
. length of led whip: 1.8 meters
. Operating Voltage: 12V DC
. Current draw:0.42A
. Waterproof rate: IP 65
. regular straight pole shape
. 1pc*5W Osram
. single color of white/blue/red/orange/green or combo lighting pattern of multi color
. Working Temperature: -40~50 centigrade degrees
. 50000 hours above life time


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