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 . Wide operating voltage range: it can be used for different types of vehicles such as 4x4 vehicles and heavy duty trucks
 . Long working life: durable 25W ETI LED based on Philips technology, more than 50000 hours life 
 . easy to install on the front or top of a vehicle
 . Aluminum casing, shock-proof waterproof better 
 . Well visible illumination but without glare: E-mark R10 compliant to avoid EMI issue
 . IP68 Waterproof and anti-corrosion: it can work in the rain or harsh environments
 . One year warranty for natural defectiveness
 . This easy-to-install LED auxiliary light with special mirror technology optics is much suitable for night driving on 4x4 Vessels,Bus,jeeps,Trucks,SUV,etc

75w 9.8 inch LED auxiliary light,LED auxilary front light

Model no: TH-W0345D
Name: 75w 9.8 inch LED auxiliary working light,LED spotlight, LED auxiliary font light,led work lamp with special mirror technology optics 
Product Description:
 .LED power: 75w
 .Operating voltage:9-60V DC
 .Waterproof rate: IP68
 .3pcs*25W DTI (simliar to Philips LED)
 .Color of housing: black
 .Material: Diecast aluminum housing
 .Lens material:PC with special mirror technology optics, shooting up to 1km at least
 .mounting kit:  short mounting bracke
 .beam type: spot beam only
 .50000 hours above life time
 .Size: 25*75*83mm

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